Christians in Palestine - Two Films

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3pm EDT / 12 noon PDT

Bethlehem – The Living Stones: So often, Christian pilgrims travel to the Holy Land to experience where Jesus lived, walked and performed miracles.  Churches now stand over ancient stones on the places where Bible events occurred. The tours come; the tours go. But most of the pilgrims/tourists don’t encounter the Palestinian people in Bethlehem. This film opens the aperture to experience the land where Jesus walked through the eyes of "the living stones," Palestinian Christians who descend from the disciples.


 Christians of Palestine, Life Behind the Wall: This short documentary focuses on how the Israeli occupation impacts the Palestinian population of today. The story, told by Christian Palestinians, sheds light on different perspectives of the conflict that we don't hear about in the United States. Watch the film.  Witness the Christmas celebration and hopeful spirit of those living in the walled city of Bethlehem. This film conveys a message of peace, along with a deeper understanding of what the Bethlehemites face.

This event is co-sponsored by Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA)

Join the Q&A discussion with:

Elizabeth – Community Builder and former teacher at Jerusalem School, Bethlehem

Yousef AlKhouri – Lecturer at Bethlehem Bible College & member, Christ at the Checkpoint

Rev. Susan Wilder (moderator) – Co-Moderator of the Israel/Palestine Mission Network of The Presbyterian Church (USA)

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