Voices from the Holy Land Film Series


The point is that when we speak of narratives, legitimacy may not come from fact but from belief. We do not believe in the narratives because they are true; they are true because we believe in them. Sometimes these narratives fit well together, and sometimes they clash. When we speak of the land called Israel or Palestine, we seem to only speak of clash.”

Omer M. Mozaffar – Palestinian Journalist - July 22, 2014

Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian situation -- with its attendant issues of violence and repression,  justice and fairness, peace and security, separating biblical Israel from the modern state of Israel, competing historical narratives, long-held myths and beliefs – is complex, difficult, and emotional.  Especially now, when not a week goes by without a news headline generating confusion, controversy, and conflict.   The topic of the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict” is a difficult conversation for most Americans to have, even for those who are informed and dispassionate.  Most Americans are insufficiently informed and are conflicted on what to believe.  Mainstream media, it is apparent, does not do a good job of presenting fully and fairly all sides of the issue; there is more “repeating” of the loudest voice than “reporting.” Lost in all of this cacophony are the voices of the people living in the Holy Land.

Voices From the Holy Land Film Series seeks to offer a different perspective.  It seeks to provide a voice to the people living in this Holy Land.  It seeks to present informative and compelling documentary films by Israeli, Palestinian, American, and European film makers to start conversations.  Through these films and associated discussions, we hope to inform the audience that:

  • Israel-Palestine history is often misunderstood

  • Life under occupation is difficult and unfair

  • Issues of justice and human-rights in Israel-Palestine are in the same continuum of the Civil-Rights struggles in our own country

  • Many Israelis know and understand that continued occupation is not the solution

  • Small groups of Israelis and Palestinians are coming together to promote peaceful solutions

  • US policies and US media have affected our understanding of the current “conflict”

  • There still reason to hope

Voices From the Holy Land Film Series is sponsored and supported by a coalition of thirty-three interfaith (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Unitarian) and interdenominational organizations in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region whose members feel called by their faith to work for justice, human rights, and peace in the land that is holy to all three Abrahamic faiths.  The 2018 Film Series is sponsored by:

St. John's Norwood Episcopal Church

Ravensworth Baptist Church

Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Jewish Voice for Peace - DC Metro


Supporter Organizations

Jerusalem Companion Diocese Committee – Episcopal Diocese of Washington

Grace Presbyterian Church

Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center

Churches for Middle East Peace

St. Francis of Assisi Pax Christi

Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace

Alliance of Baptists' Justice in Palestine & Israel

Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace

Rock Spring Congregational UCC

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Israel Palestine Mission Network – PCUSA/NCP

Westmoreland Congregational UCC

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish

Sabeel - DC Metro

St. Mark's Episcopal Church – Middle East Working Group

Pax Christi - DC & Baltimore

Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East, NVA

Rockville United Church

Friends of Tent Nations-NA

River Road Unitarian Universalist Church

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

Vienna Baptist Church

Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church

St. Patrick's Episcopal Church

Christ Church Durham Parish

Grace Episcopal Church

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

St. Columba's Episcopal Church

Little River UCC

St. Alban's Episcopal Church

New Hope Baptist UCC

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church

St. Rose of Lima Pax Christi

Universalist National Memorial Church

Steadfast Hope Group