Come and See; Go and Tell -- Next Year in Palestine

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3pm EDT / 12 noon PDT

Come and See; Go and Tell

Next Year in Palestine

We travel, take tours, and make pilgrimages to the Holy Land with a variety of motivations: to see the antiquities that form a basis for Western culture, experience different cultures, and worship sacred sites. We are welcomed and guided by people who live there. What does tourism today mean to them? What are the ethical, political, and personal implications of a journey to a place where holy sites are surrounded by 30-foot-high concrete walls, soldiers with rifles patrol the streets, and residents live under the longest military occupation in modern history? Are there ways to be a traveler and meaningfully engage with all of the lived realities in the Holy Land while also honoring the basic tenets of our faiths? Three recent, short documentaries present a variety of voices, viewpoints, and visions of the Holy Land as offered by people living there today.

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Rifat Kassis: Palestinian Christian author, speaker, and human rights activist. 

Sam Bahour: Ramallah-based Palestinian-American businessman, writer and activist

Mae Elise Cannon: Executive Director, Churches for Middle East Peace

Michael Spath (moderator):  Founder & Executive Director of Indiana Center for Middle East Peace

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This event is Co-Sponsored by: Friends of Sabeel North America, Churches for Middle East PeacePalestinian Christian Alliance for Peace, Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service,  and Indiana Center for Middle East Peace

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