Destroying Healthcare: Israeli’s War on Gaza Hospitals

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3 pm ET/ 12 noon PT

Thirty-six hospitals served 2.2 million residents in Gaza on October 6, 2023. The United Nations says that only twelve are “partially functioning” today. Israeli bombs, missiles and artillery have destroyed the rest. Ambulances and vehicles transporting medical supplies have also been destroyed. Electricity and fuel are severely restricted, with doctors operating in the dark. Medicine (including painkillers, adrenaline and anesthesia) is depleted.  Surgery (including amputations on children) is done while patients are wide-awake and screaming in pain. Wounded women and children are dying because of the lack of medical care. Doctors and medical personnel have been killed, evicted, or forced to flee…  

Try to imagine Hell.

VFHL will focus on Gaza healthcare and hospitals through three videos. Panelists will discuss the destruction of hospitals, collapse of the healthcare system, shortages of medical supplies, unimaginable working conditions, international laws regarding hospitals in war zones, and the needs for rebuilding medical capacity.

Watch the videos for free at your convenience; Join the Q&A Discussion

Ghassan Abu-Sittah - Palestinian surgeon at Al Shifa and Al Ahli Arab Hospitals

Clyde Farris - Orthopedic Surgeon at Al Shifa Hospital

Eileen Shields-West: Journalist, chair emeritus of Refugees International (RI), and chair of THE SEED Foundation

Chris Giannou (moderator) - former Chief Surgeon at ICRC, former Executive Committee member of Palestine Red Crescent Society

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