Bethlehem: Hidden From View - St. John's Norwood Episcopal Church

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Bethlehem: Hidden From View is a film about the strangling and imprisonment of the ‘Little Town’ of Bethlehem and its impact on the local Christian community. Presented by Amos Trust’s Founder Garth Hewitt, the film also includes interviews with Jeff Halper, Naim Ateek, Yehuda Shual and Mitri Raheb.


Gaza: A Gaping Wound In 2014, an Israeli military offensive in Gaza persisted for 51 days, claiming the lives of 2,200, injuring 11,000 more, and leaving 100,000 homeless. The war, so closely watched by the media, was measured and counted, but the statistics cannot reflect the loss of a loved one, the bombing of a family home, or the trauma that comes after the ceasefire. Part of a multimedia project that can be explored at, Gaza: A Gaping Wound tells the stories of the survivors.