Gaza: Still Alive

Event Date
3pm EDT / 12 noon PDT

When you think of Gaza, you may think of war and destroyed buildings, of economic hardships, the strangling siege, the high unemployment rate, the poverty and deprivation—but less often do we see the deprivation that is the invisible, unmet needs for psychological support for a population so in need of it.  “Gaza: Still Alive” focuses on difficult questions. What is the effect on a Palestinian child’s mental health when they learn that they’re living in an open-air prison, unlike most children in the world?  How has a 15-year siege and its wars impacted Gazans as individuals? How has it affected their mental health and life’s course? And what does the unceasing stress and trauma bode for Palestinians’ future as a society, and for humankind’s collective future?

Join the Q&A discussion with:

Dr. Samah Jabr – Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Head of the Mental Health Unit of the Palestinian Ministry of Health

Harry Fear – Independent journalist and filmmaker

Dr. Elizabeth Berger (moderator) – Child Psychiatrist, founding/steering committee member of the USA Palestine Mental Health Network

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This event is co-sponsored by USA Palestine Mental Health Network and Palestine-Global Mental Health Network